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The Marriott Accomplished List

by: Gregory Brinkmann

Whether it be a small business, run by eager family members with visions of grandeur or a corporation seeking to maximize their client experience, a critical part to any business function is the customer service symphony. This symphony composed by key management and performed by all the employees and devices available are a crucial part of any business venue. One bad employee "movement" or an "out of tune" device, can ruin the entire experience; the vibrations of which will carry though out the general customer population.

Travelling throughout the world, we have been tuned to not expect anything extra ordinary. Although most businesses we have utilized have performed exactly to what is expected, very few have enticed our emotions and brought forth a feeling of appreciation.

On that "note", I will end my musical analogies, being that the extent of my musical skills involve several shots of Vodka, a lampshade and a Ukulele bought from a thrift store. Even the correct spelling of Ukulele alluded me for some time, resolved by a frantic Google search.

The above thoughts are a result of reflection from a recent stay at the Marriott Courtyard in Beavercreek, Ohio. Nestled amongst aviation history, we spent our Easter weekend here enjoying the company of family, while utilizing this modernly decorated hotel, as our nightly retreat.

Early Saturday morning I woke up to the normal sounds of my wife enhancing her beauty. In other words, I slept in again. With only 15 minutes to spare prior to our departure, swaying, swaggering, and trying to find my balance, I made it to the shower. Just before I could begin my traditional wake up routine, I overheard the lovely songs of my wife, cussing and swearing. Peeking around the corner from my steam filled room, cautious to stay out of the line of sight and fire, I saw that the Marriott supplied hair dryer she relied on, was not functioning. Not to anyone's fault, this was however a minor inconvenience.

My wife wrote a cute note and left it on top of the tired hair dryer resting on the countertop. Remembering, previous hotel stays which contained the same symptoms, I did not expect a quick resolution. In fact, I had imagined returning to the hotel room that night only to find that the issue was not addressed thus embarking on my husbandly duties to rectify the situation at the front desk.

Upon our return, my imaginations were proven false. Beside a new vibrant hair dryer in place of the elder, we found the above note.

Now this was a treat, beyond our expectation. Not only had the attendant adhered to our written request, they had also taken the time out of their busy schedule to write us well wishes and safe journeys.

"Accomplished List - Much more gratifying than a to-do list, don't you think?" I would like to respond by saying, in Jean's case "YES!" With significant gratitude my wife left another cute note for Jean prior to leaving our Fairborn retreat accompanied with a significantly larger than normal hotel room tip.

With smiling grateful front desk clerks, to cheerful mixologists and Ikea'esque decor, the Marriott when available has been a preferred choice in our travels. However after this event, I can only assume that the management, employees and devices used throughout the Marriott chain of hotels, all adhere to this same standard of care. With people employed like Jean, who actually care for their guests and show remarkable appreciation, the Marriott will no longer be our preferred choice, but a sought after one. We gave the staff a "to-do" list and they set it to music. Now where did my wife hide the Ukulele?

Disclaimer: We were not sponsored for this post and the trip was paid with by our own travel dollars. It is strictly our own opinion.

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