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Greg hates selfies... so we don't have a single one without a tongue sticking out! Ahhh love big children! Never take yourself too seriously. ;)

Who We Are | About Us


Before we get into our story, let's learn a little more about you.


What drives you the most? Why are you taking the time today to read our travel blog? Are you here:


A.    To learn more about a specific destination that you've always wanted to go to, but haven't booked yet?


B.    To live life vicariously by reading fascinating stories of travel?


C.    Because you're curious or have the urge to travel but are looking for just the right reason?


D.    Are stuck in some cubicle typing away looking for sanctuary?


E.     All of the above?




Wait... What?! Why are you doing that to yourself?


As human beings we have a natural desire for knowledge gain, adventure and relaxation. Whichever you choose, you should most definitely do that by traveling. Every year. No excuses. It might be the most budget tight year of your life, but give yourself that camping or road trip you've been thinking of. On years the cash flows a little more fluidly, book that flight to your dream destination. Why?


Because life is SHORT.


We frankly don't know if we get another chance at it- and honestly- if it's just once- do you want to miss out on all the beautiful things on Earth?


The BESTpiece of advice from this travel blog- or any travel blog-Soak up every minute you have by making the most out of your life. Do what you love. Allow nothing to limit you.


Now that being said- we are realists. Not everyone wants to give up their career, possessions and home and live nomadically. Some people want to go on vacation and not worry about limiting themselves to $25 a day for everything. Not everyone gets 6-8 weeks vacation time every year to take away from work. It will take some people longer than others to save enough for those dream vacations- but trust us- it's worth it. People all have different responsibilities, and many of them aren't responsibilities that they want to give up. Family, pets, jobs, school, your home all important to you. But you still want to see the world. We get it. (Don't worry- there's a point to all this).


That leads us into who we are. We are Laura & Greg Brinkmann and we've started this fabulous travel blog called On the Brink of the World. Get it? ;)

























Pleased to meet you!


We decided to start this travel blog for four primary reasons:


1.          We are obsessed with everything travel. We love it.


2.          We always hear family and friends making so many excuses as to why they aren't traveling.


3.          We want to break the misconception from some travel blogs that you have to give up everything in your

             home life to see the world. It's just not true.


4.          We have long been travel photographers and we think a travel blog is perfect to highlight our imagery.


Here's a little more about us:


We aren't nomadic. Sorry!


But we're Canadian, so we apologize for everything. Truth be told, Laura has a big thing for warm showers, delicious food and cozy beds- so the nomadic life just wouldn't cut it. Though a week or two camping works just fine! BUT if being nomadic is your dream- GO FOR IT! By all means there are many people out there doing this, and finding ways to make it work for them. Do not limit yourself- always follow your dreams.


We have other jobs.


Let the travel blog gods smite us down! We LOVE to travel, but we like having a home to come back to- so we maintain other jobs. Laura is a photographer and Greg is a consultant here in Canada. We travel at every opportunity feasible and are open to any suggestions or opportunities presented.


We have fantastic advice.


We have made a travel lifestyle work with our busy everyday lives and we want to inspire you and others to make sure they see the world that they want to see. Don't wonder what this world is like- go out and discover it!


We have advice from a Canadian/American perspective.


You're thinking "what's your point?" Well we live in a North American culture that frankly does not travel as much as we should. For example, travel is HUGE to Europeans.

Let's get our society to embrace this world too! Laura was born and raised in the United States and now lives in Canada. Greg was born in Canada, but traveled frequently throughout his youth back to his parent's home country in Germany.



Where We Have Been


We were married in 2007 and life's been a travel whirlwind ever since! We have been to:



Canada (frequently)

Costa Rica

Dominican Republic (x2)


Germany (frequently)



Spain (x3)

St. Lucia

Thailand (Greg)


UK (Greg)

United States (frequently)

Vatican City



Where We Want to Go Next

In no particular order...





Bali (Indonesia)


Canary Islands (Spain)

Chernobyl (because Greg's crazy)



Czech Republic

Easter Island




New Zealand





South Africa







Will you join us as we explore this amazing planet?!


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