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FREQUENTLY (and we do mean frequently) ASKED QUESTIONS


Before our website is even live we're getting lots of questions about us, our blog and travel. Here's the most asked questions so far- we will be updating this as more come along!


Are you two for real?


Well we asked each other, and we both agree that the other is real... so YES! But, we could very well be in the Matrix and have no idea that we are... soooo if that's the case your guess is as good as ours! ;)

...what a weird question, eh?


What are all the countries you've traveled to?


We've simplified this! There's a list of all of the countries we've been to, and everywhere on our travel bucket list on the About page!


What type of camera equipment do you use for your travel photography?


This has long been a question just with our photography alone. We've simplified it a bit to our must-haves for trips. We own a lot more equipment than this because we own a photography business, BUT when your traveling- it's best to travel light if you can, so we've listed our favourite essentials for now. This will be expanding though as we get things going! You can find it all on the Travel Tips page.


And of COURSE the items listed are just our suggestion-- if you're going on safari and want to bring your massive telephoto- by all means DO IT! We're more or less suggestion for the everyday travel photographer in this case.


What's your favourite travel location?


Umm this answer will suck, but we love everywhere. If we absolutely HAD to pick- we are pretty partial to Spain because of the laid back attitude, amazing history, awesome prices and beautiful weather- but we pretty much do love everywhere we've been. We even loved being in the Dominican Republic when we BOTH had bronchitis and felt similar to that guy in the Nyquil commercial begging his wife to call his mom. BUT it was wayyy better to have bronchitis under some palm trees than in the frigid cold air that was at home too. We even love home too though. Home is a big part of our lives, and we travel all over the province we live in- Ontario. We're kind of crazy and everywhere.... and random. Expect lots of random readers!!!


Can we advertise with you or sponsor you?


Yes, yes you can! We are admittedly new to blogging and are working towards building a loyal readership and newsletter subscription, but let's chat about how we may be able to better advertise for your company! More information can be found on our Let's Collaborate page.


What made you decide to start travel blogging?


Other than being crazy about being busy you mean? Haha seriously- Laura doesn't know how to sit still and is always full of ideas! BUT here are the four primary reasons we started travel blogging:



1.          We are obsessed with everything travel. We love it.


2.          We always hear family and friends making so many excuses as to why they

             aren't traveling.


3.          We want to break the misconception from some travel blogs  that you have

             to give up everything in your home life to see the world. It's just not true.


4.          We have long been travel photographers and we think this is the perfect

             medium to highlight our imagery.


Where are you two from?


We live in Ontario, Canada, eh! Laura's actually from the USA originally, but moved to Canada when Greg swept her off her feet. Oh the blogs we can write about the trauma from moving from the USA to Canada and having to figure out milk.... in a BAG! Why oh why is it in a bag?! And while Greg was born in Ontario, his family has very strong roots in Germany. There's lots of schnitzel for dinner in our household!


What makes you experts exactly?


Well, we know EVERYTHING of course. Duh!


.... Okay, really we are just really experienced in how to fit travel into your daily life and still have a life! Our uncanny ability to never sit still has actually made us experts at figuring out how to travel on every budget and in a lot of different scenarios. And we're very aware of the misconceptions about traveling and what to make sure people aren't afraid to venture out. It's not that hard/scary/whatever is holding you back, we promise! AND you actually don't have to listen to us. Nope! But we just hope to inspire!




We'll be adding more questions as they come along, but feel free to contact us at if your question wasn't answered or you want more info. :)

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