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The Best Music Mix for a Drive Around Iceland

Before traveling anywhere it's become tradition for us to make a music mix for the road. The rules are that the mix must be representative to that country's culture and where possible we use music from the same region. It's like our own little adventure sound track.

We were pretty surprised given how big Iceland's music scene is, to find a good mix of Icelandic music online. Sure, there are reviews and You-Tube videos if you know what you're looking for, but finding a good comprehensive list out there can indeed be difficult. So, we're giving you ours.

Iceland's mix has been one of our favourites to put together. In fact, this little task is normally done just a couple days in advance of our trip, but we are so in love with their music that we have done it a few weeks out- and listen to it all the time. Photography friends- it's also fantastic for listening to while photo editing. Iceland's music is unique. It's different. Some Icelandic music has a folky feel to it. Some sounds like you are literally right smack in the middle of the most dramatic movie of your lifetime (which is perfectly fitting to pair with a drive through the Icelandic landscape). And then some Icelandic music feels like you've been thrown into a perplexing 80's/goth/electronic mashup.... basically anything Björk! There's Rock. There's even many vocalists who have a sound similar to Bon Iver... but yet, different. So, our Icelandic mix includes all this. We mean, why not? When in Iceland... you listen to Iceland!

Music from Iceland quite literally takes you to Iceland. Close your eyes listening to some of this, and we're sure you can picture it. We do suggest watching some of the videos too however, as they provide beautiful views of the landscape in Iceland. We've included a couple at the end that aren't from Iceland, but remind us of it, and you'll see why.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do... truly fantastic music from a beautiful country.

Tip: The links for each heading take you to the band's webpage for more information about them. The video is for you to listen/watch the specific song. Where possible we have included the official music video. If you are aware of a different link for the official video, feel free to send it our way. Please support these artists by purchasing their music.

It's important to note that Björk has a huge variety of music, this is just Greg's favourite from long ago of her music.

Bon Iver isn't Icelandic but this video shows beautiful scenes from Iceland, and he totally sounds like he COULD be from Iceland. So well worth a listen!

Dido is from the UK, but this song would undoubtedly be perfect for a drive through Iceland.

So there you have it, take this music with you on a drive through Iceland, or even let it inspire you to travel there!

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Gregory and Laura Brinkmann are travel, lifestyle and wedding photographers based out of Ontario, Canada who adore traveling. Please follow Brink of the World for more tips, ideas, and advice... and sometimes just some silliness.

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